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New Raw Breakfast Cereal Redefines Category

Anaheim, California, March 14, 2008 – Ruth’s Hemp Foods is excited to introduce a new type of cereal featuring the chia seed called Chia Goodness™.

It turns out that this little seed called chia, the same seed that many people associate with green “pets” and the ‘70’s, is one of the most nutritious seeds ever. According to the FDA’s nutrient database, chia (Salvia Hispanica L., ) contains more than 4.5-times calcium than milk, 16-percent protein and more Omega 3 than salmon. It is also a great source of trace minerals.

“But what got my attention,” said Ruth Shamai, president of Ruth's Hemp Foods, is the way chia “gels up” when it gets wet. Add just a little bit of any type of liquid, hot or cold, and it gets thick within minutes – no cooking required. It dawned on me that this quality is perfect for a cereal with the comfort value of hot oatmeal, but a much higher nutritional value than anything else on the market.”

As well as used as a breakfast in itself, Chia Goodness can be stirred into yogurt, oatmeal or granola to boost their nutritional value, or used as a base for muffins or pancakes.

Also in Chia Goodness™ are hemp and buckwheat seeds, and Celtic Sea Salt®, a high-end salt harvested in France. As well as this Original formulation, Chia Goodness™ is available in Cranberry Ginger and Apple Almond Cinnamon flavours.

This is a new direction for Ruth, who was a key activist in the cadre composed of leading environmentalists, agriculture experts and entrepreneurs that lobbied successfully for the legalization of industrial hemp production in Canada in 1998. "There’s so much to love about hemp,” said Ruth. “But chia’s unique nutritional profile just stole my heart!”

Ruth said that she first heard of chia a decade ago while reading Udo Erasmus’s book Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, which referenced Chia as a source of Essential Fatty Acids. But her work with hemp put chia on the back burner. Now that Ruth’s Hemp Foods are distributed throughout North America, she has turned her attention back to chia.

Chia Goodness™ has been well received by consumers because of its great taste, fabulous texture and high nutritional value. Stop by booth no. 3272 anytime during the Expo West 2008 show to pick up a pouch of Chia Goodness™ and learn more about Ruth’s Hemp Foods wonderful line of products.

About Ruth’s Hemp Foods, Inc.
Ruth's Hemp Foods, based in Toronto, Ontario, pioneered the use of hemp in food in North America, making Hemp Bars, Hemp Protein Powders, Omega Burgers™ (hemp-based vegetarian burger patties), Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Certified Organic SoftHemp™ (shelled hempseed), and other hemp food items. Ruth's Hemp Foods manufacturers the most extensive line of hemp foods available and are distributed throughout the US and Canada. The company slogan “Your Values … Your Foods” refers to the principles behind the line: no GMOs, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, transfats, synthetic vitamins, artificial preservatives, fillers or colors. For additional information, please visit:

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