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Nitrosigine study presented at Experimental Biology

Nitrosigine study presented at Experimental Biology
Nutrition 21 is presenting new clinical study results supporting the efficacy of Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate.

Nutrition 21 LLC is proud to announce the presentation of new clinical study results supporting the efficacy of Nitrosigine® bonded arginine silicate (ASI), titled, “Arginine Silicate Supplementation Decreases Markers of Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Dysfunction and Increases Markers of Vasodilation and Cardiovascular Health in Healthy Adult Males.” The study will be presented today to scientists and other professionals at the acclaimed Experimental Biology 2015 annual meeting and the abstract will be published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal (FASEB). The demonstrated connections between Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate supplementation and various protein levels contributes to the understanding of the ingredient’s mechanism of action.      
The clinical study examined over 100 proteins and demonstrated that a single dose of Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate supplementation resulted in statistically significant changes in over 70 key proteins measured from baseline to six hours post-dose at the first treatment visit. After 14 days of product use, the levels of over 80 proteins changed significantly from baseline. The proteins significantly affected by Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate included biomarkers of vasodilation, vascular wound-healing and cardiovascular health (Table 1 and Figure 1).

The protein Kallistatin, a potent vasodilator was significantly increased by Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate. Vasodilation is known to increase blood flow and vessel flexibility, key factors in sports nutrition and bodybuilding. Changes in proteins like Kallistatin are indicative of possible pathways by which Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate may influence muscular function and cardiovascular health, further supporting its role as a key ingredient in sports nutrition products.

James Komorowski, MS, CNS, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at Nutrition 21, commented, “We are extremely pleased with the presentation of these important clinical results, indicating Nitrosigine supplementation significantly improves plasma protein concentrations associated with cardiovascular health after a single dose, and to a greater extent, after 14 days of usage. These results enhance our knowledge of the positive effects of Nitrosigine in humans. Specifically, they continue to show sports nutrition benefits associated with increased nitric oxide (NO) levels, and provide further support for its impact on increased vessel flexibility and blood flow to working muscles.”

“Nutrition 21 is thrilled to have the benefits of Kallistatin and other key proteins as support for our NDI-accepted Nitrosigine. Nitrosigine provides the benefits of arginine and silicon, plus additional benefits from its unique combination. Nitrosigine has already been formulated into many workout products marketed by leading sports nutrition companies. Consumers should look for the Nitrosigine logo on workout products to get more out of their fitness training. We anticipate continued high market interest with robust customer sales,” said Bill Levi, vice president, strategy and business development at Nutrition 21.
Consumer benefits of Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate supplementation directly linked to clinical study findings include:
Nitrosigine significantly affects many protein concentrations in the blood, including Kallistatin
Nitrosigine significantly enhances nitric oxide (NO) levels
Nitrosigine is a safe, bioavailable source of arginine and silicon
Nitrosigine significantly increases plasma arginine levels in 30 minutes
Nitrosigine significantly increases plasma arginine levels for up to 3 hours
Nitrosigine significantly increases silicon levels for up to 1.5 hours

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