NutriScience Innovations Presents Glycerophosphate Series

April 2007, Trumbull CT—NutriScience Innovations, LLC, is pleased to present their Glycerophospate series for mineral fortification. The series includes Calcium, Ferric, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Sodium Glycerophosphates. Very successful applications have been seen in Performance/Sports Drinks, Juice, Dietary Supplements, Toothpaste, Infant Formulas and Pharmaceuticals.

“With the expanding market in adding nutritional benefits to existing products, Glycerophosphates are a safe, effective way to increase functionality in food and health products,” states Jacob Pallathra, President of NutriScience Innovations. “Calcium Glycerophosphate has a much higher bio-availability than other forms of calcium and it is 100% water soluble.”

NutriScience Innovations, LLC provides research-based, innovative ingredients for the dietary supplements and functional foods markets.

Rose Hawthorne,
Tel (203) 372-8877 Fax (203) 372-9977
Email – [email protected]

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