Taiyo launches allergen-free iron fortification

Taiyo launches allergen-free iron fortification

New allergen-free range combines identical functionality with the consumer appeal of a clean label declaration.

Taiyo is launching new allergen-free varieties of its leading SunActive Fe ingredient range at this year’s Hi Europe. Manufacturers seeking to penetrate new markets with mineral-fortified products, such as infant formulae, health and wellness foods and condition-specific products, can now benefit from an allergen-free product claim backed by Taiyo’s years of expertise in food formulation and development.

Taiyo’s SunActive ingredient portfolio disperses insoluble, highly bioavailable minerals in food and beverage formulations without affecting the taste and texture of the finished product or causing irritation in the body. The new allergen-free range of iron fortifiers combines identical functionality with the consumer appeal of a clean label declaration. 

Josef Skrna, general manager at Taiyo GmbH, said: “Taiyo’s commitment to lead the way in research and development and supply naturally-sourced, science-led ingredients is confirmed in this latest launch. By offering our highly bioavailable SunActive iron fortification products in an allergen-free format, we are opening the door for manufacturers to tap into current consumer trends and potentially highly lucrative new market opportunities.”

SunActive Fe and other products from Taiyo’s portfolio are available throughout Europe via Taiyo GmbH, the European subsidiary of Taiyo Kagaku.


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