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TMR debuts flavored liquid magnesium at Expo West

TMR debuts flavored liquid magnesium at Expo West
Trace Minerals Research also adds a reformulated Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5 to its line of lifestyle products.

Trace Minerals Research (TMR), a leading provider of trace mineral based supplements for over 40 years, announces the addition of Liquid Magnesium to its line of liquid magnesium products and a reformulated Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5 to its line of lifestyle products. TMR will officially launch these products at Natural Products Expo West.

Liquid Magnesium is formulated with 300 milligrams of magnesium from magnesium citrate and magnesium chloride and has a great tasting tangerine flavor that comes from all-natural flavors. It’s also formulated with xylitol, stevia, and other natural sweeteners so it contains only two grams of sugar. As with all of its products, TMR adds its flagship product, ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops, a complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals that have been naturally harvested and concentrated from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

“Magnesium has gained more and more popularity recently because of what researchers are finding out about this important mineral,” said Scott Perkes, managing partner of TMR. “Many believe that magnesium is going to be the new calcium in terms of its importance in the body and its popularity in the market. We have a great line of liquid magnesium products. Adding a flavored option of liquid magnesium is a perfect fit for our line as the number one selling liquid magnesium brand.”

Also at the show, TMR will introduce a its reformulated Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5, which now contains essential fatty acids from organic flax seed powder and a suggested three-a-day serving size. Daily 5 was added to the name of the product because it contains five nutrient categories: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, omegas and green foods. According to TMR, Electro-Vita-Min was one of the first food-based multis on the market more than 25 years ago.

“We launched the original formula of Electro-Vita-Min more than 25 years ago and it has been a staple of our product line ever since,” said Perkes. “It’s not much different now than it was 25 years ago. However, since nutrition is a progressive industry, adding omegas was an important change we needed to make to enhance the formula due to how essential omegas are to health.”

Liquid Magnesium is certified vegan and gluten free and carries an MSRP of $17.89 for a 16 ounce, 32-serving bottle. Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5 is certified vegetarian and gluten free and carries an MSRP of $26.49 for a 90-tablet bottle and 46.99 for a 180-tablet bottle. Both products are available in natural and specialty health food stores throughout the country. TMR will be distributing samples of Liquid Magnesium and Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5 in booth 1705 during the trade show.

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