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TMR debuts granulated mineral complex

TMR debuts granulated mineral complex
ConcenTrace AC Granulated has been put through a special granulation process to improve flow during the manufacturing process.  

Trace Minerals Research (TMR), a leading provider of trace mineral based supplements for over 40 years, announces the addition of ConcenTrace® AC Granulated to its line of bulk ingredient offerings for food, supplement and beverage manufacturers. ConcenTrace AC Granulated is the same product as TMR’s ConcenTrace AC powder, but has been put through a special granulation process to improve flow during the manufacturing process.

“We developed ConcenTrace AC Granulated because many of our customers have requested our minerals in a granulated form in addition to our spray-dried, microcrystalline and alfalfa powdered versions of ConcenTrace,” said James Crawford, bulk sales manager for TMR. “Now that it’s granulated, we—and the customers who are now using it—are reporting faster run times during manufacturing because the hydroscopic nature of the material has been greatly reduced.”

ConcenTrace AC Granulated is a complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals that has been harvested, concentrated, dehydrated and then put through a proprietary granulation process to create a 40-mesh size particle that can be conveniently used to fortify any food, beverage or supplement. It is 100 percent soluble, carrier free, pure, all natural, Non-GMO, certified vegan and gluten free.

All required testing has been completed for ConcenTrace AC Granulated, including certificates of analysis, flow charts, specification sheets and material safety data sheets.


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