Nammex: Redefining Medicinal Mushrooms [Whitepaper]

Medicinal mushrooms are fungal organisms that are considered health foods, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. They are part of a very extensive natural health products category in Asia where Traditional Chinese Medicine has utilized herbal preparations for thousands of years. Today China is responsible for 70 percent of the world’s mushroom production.

It is estimated that the worldwide market value of medicinal mushrooms was $6 billion in 1999, and $18 billion in 2014. Over the last 25 years the market for these products has expanded greatly in North America. In 1990 there were only a few nutritional supplement companies offering mushroom products, whereas in 2015 just about every company has one or more mushroom preparations in their product line. One might say that medicinal mushrooms have arrived and, in view of their growth trajectory, are destined to become a much bigger market in North America.

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