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[email protected]: Doctors can learn preventative medicine | Organic certification for restaurants

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Maine Med plants seeds for doctors to focus on health impact of food

A new two-year residency program at Maine Medical Center offers doctors board certification in preventive medicine, a master’s degree in public health and extensive nutrition education. This focus on plant-based dietary medicine aims to prevent disease rather than treat it. Read more at Portland Press Herald ...


Why organic restaurant certification matters

As more consumers begin to investigate what they’re eating, interest in certified organic restaurants is growing. The Organic Coup — the country's first certified organic fast-food restaurant in the United States — might be the beginning of a new trend. Read more at Civil Eats ...

6 paid sick days for workers in L.A.? City Council says yes

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday supported a proposed law that would give workers at least six paid sick days a year — twice what the state of California requires. It's estimated that more than 650,000 workers will be covered, if the law passes. Read more at Los Angeles Times ...


Do we really need probiotics in our coffee, granola and nut butter?

Probiotics are showing up in dozens of packaged foods, from drinks to desserts, cold brew coffee and cheese bits. A 2015 poll showed that 42 percent of Americans want more probiotics in their diet, up from only 12 percent in 2008. Read more at ...


Nestlé is betting big on the future of medicinal food

With health-care costs expected to skyrocket, Nestlé figures good nutrition will be an area of increasing demand. Its new company, Nestlé Health Science, describes itself as “a health-science company aiming to foster a therapeutic role for nutrition in healthcare. Read more at ...

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