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[email protected]: USDA proposes raising standards for organic meat | Whole Foods readies first 365 store to open May 25

5@5: USDA proposes raising standards for organic meat | Whole Foods readies first 365 store to open May 25
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

USDA proposes stricter animal welfare rules for organic meat

The proposed rules would ensure that poultry houses would have fresh air and ventilation, enough space for animals to lie down and fully stretch their limbs, additional outdoor space and more. "This will support the continued growth in the organic livestock and poultry sectors, and ensure consumer confidence in the organic label," said Miles McEvoy, the head of USDA's organic program. Read more at ABC News...


What to expect from Whole Foods' new, low-price grocery chain

Efficiency is the key word as the first 365 by Whole Foods Market store is set to open May 25 in Los Angeles. Jeff Turnas, who's leading the new store concept, says it will feature a smaller product selection than traditional Whole Foods stores and operate more efficiently. It will also feature a fast-casual vegan restaurant and a coffee bar. Read more at Washington Post...

What's the latest course in preschool? Vegan food

A hip preschool in Jersey City is committed to getting children to eat their (organic) veggies—it serves all vegan food, grows produce and makes its own milk alternatives in-house. Read more at Wall Street Journal...


Five actions Big Food can take today to regain consumer trust

Stop fighting transparency, stop marketing to children and start investing in the healthy food of the future. Read more at Forbes...


Final FSMA transportation rule excludes food-contact substances

The new rule, issued this week, includes requirements for transportation equipment, operations, training and record keeping but does not include food-contact substances in the rule. Read more at National Law Review...

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