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5@5: GMO labeling law means tough choices for small food companies | Big grocery takes healthy steps

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Small food companies ponder response to new GMO labeling law

When the GMO labeling bill passed last month goes into effect, brands that use genetically modified ingredients will have to decide how to disclose that they do so—on the package, or via QR code? Or should they change their formulation to eliminate or replace the GM ingredients all together? This decision is especially daunting for small brands that don't have much of a financial cushion. Read more at The Washington Post...

Sugar-coating change: Supermarkets finding healthier future in better nutrition

More evidence that big grocery is moving into natural's territory: Marsh Supermarkets employs an in-house dietitian. Aldi introduced a line of meat produced without antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Kroger launched a new store format catering to natural, sustainable and organic food shoppers. Read more at Forbes..

5 questions with Boulder's Skoop founders on plant-based shakes and sleep

Dr. James Rouse and Izze cofounder Gregh Stoh created Skoop in 2013 and recently raised $1.1 million to continue growing. Now they're targeting the sleep market with a new plant-based protein shake. Read what the founders are focused on. Read more at Daily Camera...

What you need to know about the new GMO labeling law

Since the USDA has two years to develop rules for mandatory GMO labeling, it's unclear exactly which genetically modified ingredients it will require be labeled. It's also unclear which route manufacturers will use most often, as the law passed last month gives manufacturers that use GM ingredients the choice of disclosing that via words on a label, a symbol on the label or a QR code. Food companies with less than $1 million in sales per year will be exempt, and companies that are certified organic will be allowed to put a "GMO-free" label on their package without another third-party certification. Read more at Modern Farmer...

McDonald's chef reveals 5 changes the company is making to its food

Hint: They involve listening to customer feedback and adding more options. Registered dietitian and corporate chef Jessica Foust shares. Read more at Business Insider...

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