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[email protected]: When 'local' food isn't really local | Restaurants & bars get creative with food waste

5@5: When 'local' food isn't really local | Restaurants & bars get creative with food waste
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Can large, corporate urban farms grow 'local food'?

By the USDA's definition, local food involves communities buying directly from their farmers. But as local becomes the most coveted label on food—and as companies like BrightFarms and Freight Farms continue to grow—some are worried its real meaning is being lost in favor of one that includes any food grown nearby, rather than one that strengthens communities and preserves land. Read more at Civil Eats...


To go green, bars try to reuse their booze

It's not just the food industry that's waking up to its waste problem. Bars are getting creative by turning leftover alcohol into vinegar, or using it in marinades. They're refrigerating cocktails instead of shaking them in ice. They're using leftover wine to make sangria. Read more at NPR...

Walmart's newest private label line is all about organic growth

In Canada, Walmart is launching a Great Value Organics line that includes flours, granola bars, pastas, seeds and more. About 20 percent of mainstream grocery sales in the country today are organic. Read more at Canadian Grocer...


Can the Paris agreement protect poor farmers from climate change?

As millions of farmers struggle to maintain their yields among severe droughts or flash floods, it's surprising that the word 'agriculture' doesn't appear in the climate change agreement adopted in Paris on Saturday. But it does include the idea of food security. Read more at Reuters...


U.S. omega-3 market remains largest in world, but shrinking

While the market for omega-3s is growing in other parts of the world like Asia-Pacific and South America, it's slipping in the U.S., according to GOED. Read more at Nutritional Outlook...

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