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[email protected]: OTA to propose certification for conventional farms going organic | Hershey to stop using GM sugar

5@5: OTA to propose certification for conventional farms going organic | Hershey to stop using GM sugar
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

OTA readies proposal to certify transitional organic acreage

A new certification could provide incentive and support for conventional producers to transition to organic practices as early as next year. The Organic Trade Association said it will submit a proposal to the USDA for a transitional organic certification, for consideration as part of USDA's Process Verified Program, by the end of January. Because land can't be used to grow USDA certified organic crops until three years after synthetic fertilizers and other specified substances have stopped being used, producers must play the waiting game to use the organic seal. The new certification would not allow them to use the organic seal any sooner but would potentially help business-to-business relationships. Read more at The Packer...


Hershey dumps sugar beets because of GM concerns

In 2016, the candy maker will complete its transition from using a mix of cane sugar and beet sugar to just cane sugar. Read more at The Star Tribune...

How Congress' crazy omnibus spending package will change what we eat

The 2,000-page bill passed earlier this month could affect school lunch programs, farmers, food safety and more. Read more at Grist...


How this nutrition company jumped from $120,000 to $20 million in sales

Jay Cohen, CEO of IQ Formulations, explains how his biggest asset has been longstanding relationships, and how putting money into manufacturing and research instead of marketing has helped his company win. Read more at Inc...


Green Day to enter the coffee market for some reason

The punk band of yesteryears has a new venture that you didn't see coming--mass producing compostable bags and single-serve pods for coffee. Read more at Modern Farmer...

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