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[email protected]: How big is the good food movement, really? | Meet Whole Foods' local food forager

5@5: How big is the good food movement, really? | Meet Whole Foods' local food forager
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

The future of food coloring may be very slimy

A researcher for the University of Copenhagen is exploring if one of today's trendiest ingredients, algae, could be turned into an alternative for synthetic, chemically produced food dyes. Read more at Modern Farmer...


Meet the woman who tastes and selects your local Whole Foods favorites

Elly Truesdell has the good food lover's dream job. As Northeast regional local forager for Whole Foods Market, she works with small growers, chefs and producers to help make their products successful in the store. Read more at Time...

The surprising truth about the 'food movement'

When consumers are asked about a particular food issue—like GMO labeling, for example—they're likely to say they care about it (90 percent, in an oft-cited survey). But if they not prompted with that answer and are just asked what they'd like to see on food labels, only a small number would mention GMOs (7 percent). Are these kind of surveys making the food movement seem bigger than it really is? One public relations firm estimates that only 14 percent of the population regularly critiques food and agricultural practices. Read more at The Washington Post...


Study: Kid-friendly products can hook long-term customers early

Kids younger than 9 are an influential demographic for food marketers, especially today as kids have more input on what their parents buy for them, according to Packaged Facts. Read more at Convenience Store News...


Startup central: The new industry players to watch

From coffee to new superfoods, these four startups participated in the most recent round of the accelerator program Food-X. Read more at FoodDive...

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