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[email protected]: Food recalls grow at an alarming rate | Breadfruit--a superfood of the future?

5@5: Food recalls grow at an alarming rate | Breadfruit--a superfood of the future?
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Report: Food recalls have nearly doubled since 2002

Reinsurance company Swiss Re attributes the increasing number of recalls to a combination of regulatory changes and an increasingly globalized food supply chain that creates more opportunities for problems. Read more at Food Safety News...


Can breadfruit overcome its past to be a superfood of the future?

This starchy tropical fruit--a cousin of the mayberry--could be key to food security in certain parts of the world. It may also have appeal internationally in the form of an organic gluten-free flour. Read more at National Geographic...

Nourish is a countertop device that'll mix dietary supplements based on your fitness data

Boston startup FitNatic is running a crowdfunding campaign for a countertop device called Nourish that connects to fitness and food-tracking apps to suggest--and create--a supplement blend that contains an optimal combination of nutrients for an individual. Read more at The Next Web News...


Herbalife files petition to seek user information from Twitter

The company is trying to identify the person behind the Twitter feed of @AfueraHerbaLIES, which it claims pushes out "not only defamatory, disparaging, and deceptive posts about Herbalife and its products, but also contains numerous insulting and offensive statements about Herbalife's management team, its members, and even federal regulators." Read more at Reuters...


3-D printed bottle caps will let you know if your milk goes bad

A group of engineers has created a "smart cap" that uses circuits and wireless sensors to detect changes in liquid due to the presence of bacteria and could potentially be used for a mobile app that would allow consumers to check the freshness of a product before buying it. Read more at Endgadget...

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