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5@5: Nutrition lessons from Brazil? | Soylent says it 'proudly' uses GMOs

5@5: Nutrition lessons from Brazil? | Soylent says it 'proudly' uses GMOs

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Welcome to Brazil, where a food revolution is changing the way people eat

Over the last four decades, an obesity crisis has emerged in Brazil along with the availability of highly processed foods and drinks. An influential nutrition researcher believes that the nutritional focus on food groups has become obsolete. More importantly, he says, is how food is made. And his philosophies are taking hold. Read more at The Nation...


Soylent, a food startup with a cult following, is using a controversial ingredient—and it isn't about to stop

Hmm. While so many companies, food innovators and consumers shun GMOs, one food tech startup has taken a contrarian approach by actually boasting about them in a blog post. The meal replacement powder, which one New York Times reviewer called “a punishingly boring, joyless product," has apparently gained a following in Silicon Valley—and raised millions from venture capitalists. Read more at Yahoo! News...

Move over animal shrimp, there's a new plant-based shrimp coming to your table

The seafood industry is ready for disruption, and plants might be able to help. As a good start, New Wave Foods has developed a shrimp-like product from red algae and other ingredients. Read more at Forbes...


Putting food issues on politician's plates

The ubiquity of food in our lives hasn't been reflected in political conversations that happened at the RNC or DNC. In fact, food as a political issue isn't getting much attention in this race at all. Read more at The Seattle Times...


Psychologist explains emotional appeal is crucial ingredient for a product's success

People often have emotional responses to food, packaging, ingredients and brands. Thus, food product developers need to think about consumers' emotions when creating products, not just their liking or intent to purchase. Read more at IFT...

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