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[email protected]: Retailers, restaurants get more time to add calorie labels to menus | Startup makes egg whites from yeast

5@5: Retailers, restaurants get more time to add calorie labels to menus | Startup makes egg whites from yeast
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news. Today's natural news docket includes: The FDA has delay implementation of menu labeling rules by one year; Nature's Path acquires Country Choice Organic; startup makes egg whites from yeast instead of chicken.

Friday, July 10

FDA delays menu labeling compliance by one year

via Supermarket News

Restaurants and supermarkets must now comply with new calorie labeling rules for menus by Dec. 1, 2016—a year after the original date. Read more...

Nature's Path builds organic presence with acquisition

via Food Business News

The company has acquired Country Choice Organic, maker of oats, grits and cookies, from New Century Holdings. Read more...

Clara Foods cooks up $1.7 million in funding to make egg whites from yeast instead of chickens

via TechCrunch

Gary Hirshberg and David Freidberg, CEO of the Climate Corp., are counted among the investors in the biotech startup. Read more...

Canada weighing GMO regulation revision

via Food Dive

Possible changes to Canada's GMO import laws would allow a "low level presence" of genetically modified food. Read more...

McDonald's 'sustainable' Filet-O-Fish threatens Alaska Fishermen's livelihood

The Huffington Post

McDonald's has said it will use only wild Alaskan pollock that's certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for its sandwiches, but fishery experts have doubts about the ultimate significance of this change. Read more...

Thursday, July 9: U.S. makes organic trade deal with Switzerland | Washington Post questions omega-3 science

United States and Switzerland streamline organic trade

via USDA

Under the deal, organic products certified in the United States or Switzerland may be sold as organic in either country. Read more...

Fish oil pills: A $12 billion industry built, so far, on empty promises

via Washington Post

Staff writer Peter Whoriskey explores the mixed bag of research around the benefits of omega-3s. Read more...

General Mills pledges to use 100% cage-free eggs

via Food Safety News

The company says its Häagen-Dazs ice cream brand already sources entirely from cage-free suppliers in Europe, but now it will shift its egg-buying practices for the rest of its business. Read more...

2 best stocks to invest in nutritional supplements

via Motley Fool

Analysts predict good times ahead for GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Read more...

Kellogg's new breakfast foods contain some old ingredients

via Market Watch

Kellogg's new breakfast line is supposed to be simple, but some of the products still contains ingredients like sulfur dioxide and corn syrup. Read more...

Wednesday, July 8: Organic farming thrives in India | CSA model takes on new life

Organic farming thrives in India as growers revert back to traditional methods

via Global Research

As commercial farming techniques have taken a toll on the region's food and water supply, and the health of its people, India has emerged as a global leader in organic farming. Read more...

CSAs that think outside the produce box

via Modern Farmer

These days, consumers can buy a share of almost anything farmed or fish. Read more...

APHA helps amend Louisiana laws that unfairly banned some herbal ingredients

via Nutra Ingredients

The American Herbal Products Association helped work to pass an amendment in Louisiana that allows the sale of dietary supplements that had inadvertently been banned under state law. Read more...

'Farmsteaders' is a beautiful, sad reminder of the struggles of our family farms

via Huffington Post

Filmmaker Shaena Mallet's newest work provides an intimate look into the unsung heroes of our food system. Read more...

Sprouts hires CMO, EVP of store operations

via Supermarket News

Shawn Gensch, a former SVP of marketing at Target, will be Sprouts' new CMO. Dan Sanders, a former division president for Supervalu, is now EVP of store operations. Read more...

Tuesday, July 7:  Omega-3s, from a GM seed? | Breaking down the gluten mystery

New GM cereal crop produces fish oil in its seeds

via The Independent

In a government-funded trial in Britain, scientists successfully grew a genetically modified cereal crop that produces fish oil in its seeds. Read more...

The myth of big, bad gluten

via New York Times

What's behind so much gluten intolerance? This writer suggests it's an immune system that's become overly sensitive. Read more...

$150 million slap: Laguna Beach firms, parent company fined for false advertising of Procera AVH dietary supplement

via OC Register

The FTC has ordered distributors of dietary supplement Procera AVH to pay more than $150 million for false claims around the product's ability to restore memory loss and improve brain function. Read more...

PR tactics for surviving a recall

via Natural Products Insider

Even the best companies can be subject to a recall. Developing a master communication document to help work through it. Read more...

Automatically organic: Paris self-serve shops a nod to farms

via ABC News

Entrepreneurs in France and Scotland are flashing back to the era of the automat to re-connect people to farmer and sell local, seasonal produce. Read more...

Monday, July 6: GMO regulations to get a refresh | Almond prices put brands in a tough spot

White House orders review of rules for genetically modified crops

via New York Times

The Obama administration says it will accept public input on updates to the regulatory framework around GMOs and other biotechnology products, and hopes to make updates in a year. Read more...

Almond prices surge as sales boom collides with drought

via Bloomberg

Almonds are more popular than ever, but the growth in consumption paired with smaller crops means prices are also going up, making it hard for industry pioneers (like Justin's) to keep up. Read more...

Panera's mission to be anything but artificial

via New York Times

If Panera CEO Dan Kish's grandmother wouldn’t have cooked it in her kitchen, he doesn’t want to serve it. Now the chain is pushing suppliers to remove high fructose corn syrup from products. Read more...

Genetically modified animals will be on your plate in no time

via Wired

No GE animals are currently approved for human consumption, but they do exist. Read more...

Fresh Thyme: Growing by leaps and sprouts

via Indy Star

The natural grocer is targeting Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio for growth. Read more...

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