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5@5: FDA expresses concern with proposed GMO labeling bill | Hormel targeted in latest 'natural' lawsuit

5@5: FDA expresses concern with proposed GMO labeling bill | Hormel targeted in latest 'natural' lawsuit

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

FDA concerned with GMO labeling 'compromise'

The measures in the recently proposed GMO labeling bill could conflict with FDA labeling requirements, the agency warned in technical comments to the Senate Agriculture Committee. And, the definition of bioengineering explained in the bill excludes some GE foods. Read more at The Hill...


What 's 'all natural' meat? Hormel is about to find out

Hormel Foods Corp. is the latest company to be named in a 'natural' lawsuit as it faces allegations from the Animal Legal Defense Fund that its new advertising campaign misleads consumers. The groups alleges that animals used for Hormel's Natural Choice products are raised indoors with hormones and antibiotics, despite the fact that the words "100% natural" appear on the packages. Read more at Bloomberg...

How Silicon Valley, land of free grub, is fighting food waste

An organization called Food Runners is working with Google, Twitter and Airbnb to deliver their leftover food to local people in need. Read more at CNBC...


Coming soon: Gut bacteria that actually cure your disease

The next generation of probiotics could address actual medical conditions if biopharmaceutical companies like Seres Therapeutics are successful. Read more at Bloomberg...


Buying organic groceries in Brooklyn can be a serious trial

The 17,000-member Park Slope Food Co-op in New York has developed an interesting internal judicial system of its own, and recently put members "on trial" for "extremely uncooperative behavior" related to a discussion of whether the co-op should boycott SodaStream International Ltd. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...

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