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[email protected]: Sugar v. corn in court this week | Ex-McDonald's exec joins Beyond Meat board

5@5: Sugar v. corn in court this week | Ex-McDonald's exec joins Beyond Meat board
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Sugar, corn syrup face off over 'natural' claims in U.S. trial

Sugar processors and corn refiners (longtime foes) are going head-to-head in court this week. In 2011, a group of sugar refiners sued a corn trade group, claiming that its ad campaign describing corn sugar as "natural" and calling it nutritionally equal to sugar was false. The corn group sued back, claiming that the Sugar Association falsely claimed in marketing materials that corn syrup causes obesity and cancer. Read more at Reuters...


McVegan: Former McDonald's CEO joining board of Beyond Meat

After stepping down from the fast food chain in March, Don Thompson has joined the board of the startup that makes vegan alternatives for meat. Board member and Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman was also appointed executive chairman. Read more at The San Francisco Chronicle...

Could this bill make local meat more affordable?

Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Chellie Pingree of Maine introduced the PRIME Act to Congress in July to address a major challenge for small meat producers by putting more regulatory responsibility in the hands of states. Currently, federal law requires meat producers to use a USDA-inspected facility to process their animals, but those facilities are few and far between. If the PRIME Act were to pass, states could decide whether small farms could sell custom-processed meat to consumers, grocers or restaurants. Read more at Civil Eats...


Why a former beer exec relaunched a troubled Brazilian food-tech startup to fight childhood obesity

A former AmBev executive, Henrique Mendes, Jr., is now the CEO of Nutrebem, which provides schools and snack bars with a nutrition tracking technology platform for kids. Read more at Forbes...


Q&A: America's Naturals' Kathleen Brock on making a mark in the probiotic segment

As the company launches a new line of condition-specific probiotic-prebiotic supplements, its executive vice president talks marketing and research.​ Read more at Drug Store News...


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