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[email protected]: GMO backlash puts the squeeze on sugar beet growers | Banza raises $1.3M

5@5: GMO backlash puts the squeeze on sugar beet growers | Banza raises $1.3M
Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

This pasta has as much protein as a 3 ounce steak

Banza, which makes chickpea pasta (and won a NEXTY Award last year), has just raised $1.3 million in funding to continue growing. It currently has product in 17,000 stores. Read more at Fast Company...


GMO backlash threatens beet farmers as foodmakers swap sugars

Seeking increased yields and lower costs, farmers across the country adopted genetically modified sugar beet seeds years ago. Now, as public sentiment shifts and brands opt for different forms of sweetener, many of those growers have seen their share of the market slip. Read more at Reuters...

California considers adding meat to cancer-alert list

Following the WHO report issued earlier this week asserting that processed meat can cause colorectal cancer, California is debating whether to add it to its Proposition 65 list, which would require producers to provide clear warnings for consumers. Read more at Reuters...


Food ingredients take center stage for Solazyme

As the company enters a new phase of growth, food looks to be a focus. Read more at Seeking Alpha...


The number one thing each of us can do to protect biodiversity

It's not realistic to expect everyone to go vegan, but reducing daily consumption of animal products could dramatically reduce environmental impacts of livestock production and protect biodiversity. Read more at Ensia...

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