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Clif Bar sustainable bakery

5@5: Clif's new bakery focuses on sustainability | GMO labeling law 'a victory wrapped inside a defeat'?

Each day at 5 p.m. we collect the five top natural news headlines of the day, making it easy for you to catch up on today's most important natural products industry news.

Wind Energy powers Clif Bar's new sustainability-focused bakery

One-hundred percent of the power to Clif's new Twin Falls production facility is generated from wind. The bakery's "biophilic design" includes more than 200 windows, indoor and outdoor plants, LED lighting, and energy and water-saving features. The facility began producing CLIF Bars and CLIF KID Z Bars in May. Read more at North American Wind Power...


GMO labeling law could stir a revolution

It might be the weakest labeling law imaginable, but what if the new GMO labeling law is actually a victory wrapped in defeat? Mark Bittman asks in his latest column: "What if the food industry has inadvertently opened the door to a transparency revolution?" Read more at The New York Times...


Is going organic key to saving Vermont's struggling dairy industry?

High feed costs and low milk prices have created a challenging market for small milk producers. With demand for organic dairy products on the rise, many are betting their futures on the organic way. In Vermont, 16 farms are making the transition to organic this year. Currently, less than one-quarter of the state's dairies are organic. Read more at WCAX...


In the race against climate change, innovations to this ingredient could determine the future of brewing

Plant scientists are making advancements in grains used for brewing not just for beer drinkers' palates, but to help the farmers that grow them cut back on water and fertilizer use, and weather droughts. Read more at Forbes...


Flavor trends go international, spicy and smoky

Global flavors are trending, and being added to products you wouldn't necessarily expect. Read more at Food Dive...

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