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Natural & Organic Food & Beverages Channel

Sales of natural & organic food & beverage rise 8% in 2010 on a groundswell of support for
purer products, with notable advances made by organic through its non-GMO labeling
initiatives. Macroeconomic shifts away from Wall Street toward farming point to continued
support, as organic begins to fi nally deliver the research necessary to justify its economic
and, perhaps, health benefit.

This subscription will include the follow products:

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FI Content on Beverages and Omega-3s in food - February, 2012

Expo Digest - March, 2012

FI Content on Manufacturers - March, 2012

FI Content on Sodium Free - April, 2012

NBJ Functional Food Issue - May, 2012

FI Content on Energy Drinks - May, 2012

Natural & Organic Food & Beverages Data Charts - June, 2012

FI Content on Coconut and Gluten Free - June, 2012

NFM Overview - July, 2012

FI Content on Lesser-evil - July, 2012

NFM Election Guide to the Natural Products Industry - August, 2012

Natural & Organic Food & Beverages Issue - August, 2012

Natural & Organic Food & Beverages Business Class - September, 2012

FI Content on Whole Grains - October, 2012

Natural & Organic Food & Beverages Report - November, 2012

FI Content on Food & Beverage/Probiotics & Dairy - December, 2012