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A closer look at 2014 Expo East NEXTY Supplement Award winner New Earth Dynamics

Article-A closer look at 2014 Expo East NEXTY Supplement Award winner New Earth Dynamics

A closer look at 2014 Expo East NEXTY Supplement Award winner New Earth Dynamics
New Earth Dynamics receives a Natural Products Expo East NEXTY Award (People's Choice) for its Restore supplement designed to protect tight junctions in the GI tract’s epithelial lining and maintain intestinal integrity.

As we are increasingly learning, the gut is where much of the action lies regarding human health. That’s one reason probiotics have taken off. It’s why gluten-free foods are so popular. It’s where much discomfort lies in day-to-day lives.

The key to much of this is so-called “tight junctions” – the network of cellular scaffold proteins that tie together the gastrointestinal tract’s epithelial lining. When the gut gets inflamed, the cellular lining loosens, and everything from nutrients to toxins leaks out. Mayhem ensues.

Restore, a unique liquid supplement from New Earth Dynamics based on colloidal minerals, protects these tight junctions and maintains intestinal integrity. One of the many ingredients in Restore is raw extract from lignite, but this raw ingredient does not show any of the therapeutic benefits that Restore achieves in cell culture. It's not until the ingredients are combined and taken through a multi-step catalyst process that Restore achieve its safety and efficacy profile.

It is always tempting to compare ingredients from one supplement to another. However, in this case it is similar to the observation that both a McDonald’s biscuit and a fine croissant homemade in the streets of Paris have the same initial ingredients of flour and water. The team at New Earth Dynamics, as with the croissant, has figured out how to elevate the potential of its raw ingredients to make something truly unique.

Some studies suggest the latest culprits being fingered in all this intestinal membrane insult are glyphosphates – the class of pesticides in GMO boogeyman Roundup – and gluten. For the vast number of Americans with issues surrounding gluten intake (from celiac to sensitivities), issues with gut permeability may well be at the center of those problems.

The other interesting thing about Restore is its prebiotic properties. Think about it: In our gut lives thousands of different bacteria species, but at most you’re taking eight probiotic strains in your supplements. Isn’t it a better idea to provide the prebiotic lunch box for all of the probiotic bacteria?

The NEXTY nomination and award process is part of New Hope and Sterling-Rice Group’s ongoing research into the trends and opportunities driving the natural, organic and healthy products market. This research is published annually in the NEXT Natural Products Industry Forecast. To learn more or purchase the NEXT Forecast 2015, go to

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