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AIDP launches PreticX prebiotic ingredient

AIDP launches PreticX prebiotic ingredient
Functional ingredients leader enters digestive health space with patented, non-GMO prebiotic ingredient.

AIDP Inc. is entering the booming digestive health market with a new prebiotic ingredient, PreticX™, a result of its partnership with Life Bridge International, an international company specializing in diabetic-friendly/low-calorie sweeteners, and manufactured by Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co Ltd.

PreticX is a GRAS certified and Non-GMO verified prebiotic that has been shown in clinical studies to significantly increase the proliferation of bifidobacterium in both low and high doses. PreticX is classified as a prebiotic, and is a non-GMO corn-derived form of oligosaccharides called xylooligosaccharides or XOS, comprising a group of polysaccharides called xylans. Xylans are common constituents of plant cell walls based on xylose, a pentose sugar.

The prevailing benefit of PreticX is that, contrary to probiotics, it is highly stable (does not require refrigeration), and can be used in food and beverage. Comparing to other prebiotics, it can be used in small doses and thus reduces the chance of bloating.

According to research firm Markets and Markets, The U.S. Digestive Health Ingredients market has been segmented into prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes. The market is in the growth stage and is currently valued to be $265.9 million. It is expected to grow to $495.3 million in 2015 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2 percent. The report states that the market dynamics and trends are very different among the three segments. Prebiotics and probiotics are growing at double-digit growth, and prebiotics is the largest revenue-generating ingredient among the three major segments.

AIDP, which has had great success with ingredients for cognitive health (Magtein™), joint health (KoACT®) and an impressive portfolio of protein ingredients, has been eyeing the digestive health segment as a natural next step in expanding its business, but was careful to examine where the market potential was in the vast array of digestive health products already on the market.

“Digestive health is a huge market, and wanted to enter with a strong ingredient, backed by solid science from a reputable manufacturer,” says Kathy Lund, vice president of marketing and new business development at AIDP Inc. “We see the potential in digestive health and particularly prebiotics. We think the benefits of XOS, and consequently PreticX, will provide a stand-alone platform for this ingredient.”

AIDP invites Expo West attendees to visit booth #183 for samples of PreticX and other AIDP ingredients

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