BioActor, Ferrer HealthTech collaborate on CordiArt

BioActor, Ferrer HealthTech collaborate on CordiArt

Companies sign a collaboration agreement to jointly develop and market BioActor’s innovative cardiovascular ingredient.

BioActor and Ferrer HealthTech announced the signing of a collaboration agreement to jointly develop and market BioActor’s innovative cardiovascular ingredient, CordiArt, in the Americas. Under this Agreement, parties will collaborate on additional clinical validation of CordiArt and pool resources to market and sell CordiArt in the Americas. Thanks to its proprietary process technology Ferrer HealthTech will custom-manufacture and exclusively supply CordiArt to BioActor. 
CordiArt, a specific rutinoside formulation for cardiovascular health, has shown strong clinical data on the support of endothelial function. Parties have completed a pharmacokinetics study showing the high bioavailability of CordiArt. 
BioActor and Ferrer HealthTech are co-financing a robust research program on additional health effects of certain citric flavonoids in the course of which at least three additional clinical studies will be performed. Hans van der Saag, managing director of BioActor, comments, “Our joint clinical research program, further complemented by our participation in the EU BACCHUS Project, constitutes one of the largest research endeavors in the polyphenols space.” 
Tom D’hoore, area manager of Ferrer HealthTech: “BioActor’s scientific excellence and intellectual property perfectly complements Ferrer HealthTech’s expertise in polyphenols. Moreover, the agreement strengthens our value proposition to our customers in North and South America.”
According to van der Saag, “We are delighted to be working with Ferrer HealthTech and believe this partnership will expedite the successful market introduction of CordiArt, a first in class ingredient to support healthy blood circulation.”

CordiArt stimulates the eNOS-enzyme, which plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of nitric oxide, one of the most important regulators of vascular elasticity.


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