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DSM debuts cottage cheese cultures

DSM debuts cottage cheese cultures
DelvoCheese CC-300 and CC-200 help cheese producers create dairy products with great texture and mouthfeel.

DSM has announced the launch of two new cheese culture ranges for cottage cheese applications. Delvo®Cheese CC-300 and Delvo®Cheese CC-200 have been specifically developed to allow medium and large scale cheese producers create dairy products with great texture and mouthfeel, while maximizing profits through optimized processes.

Part of DSM’s broad portfolio of cheese cultures, the DelvoCheese CC-300 range delivers both performance and quality. With set times between 5 and 5.5 hours, it not only provides fast and consistent acidification, but also achieves a higher curd integrity, allowing for a more accurate dosage of the cream. The result is a more optimized and cost-effective cheese making process with improved yield and the optimum product quality consumers seek. In addition, the CC-300 series is the most phage robust series on the market with 10 rotations, making it particularly suitable for large scale producers looking to speed up their processes to utilize their capacity to the fullest whilst maintaining product quality.

For medium size producers with classic manufacturing processes, DSM also offers the DelvoCheese CC-200 range. These cultures were specifically developed for cheese plants using mesophilic solutions and deliver improved phage protection with 4 rotations and superior curd integrity. Both the CC 200 and CC 300 range cultures are able to preserve the fresh and characteristic mild flavor over the course of the product’s shelf life in this way, so consumers can enjoy their cottage cheese for longer.

“The trend towards health and wellness has been one of the main drivers behind the growth of healthy and versatile dairy products, such as cottage cheese”, comments Karnika Goel, product line manager cheese at DSM. “Cottage cheese is a source of protein and calcium, but also offers multiple applications, ranging from sweet desserts to savory snacks. Our two new culture ranges were specifically created to help cheese manufacturers respond to the consumer demand for a variety of cheese solutions with authentic flavors and smooth viscosity. Depending on the size and type of their production, our DelvoCheese portfolio provides manufacturers with tailored culture solutions that suit their individual production needs, while enabling them to optimize their processes to meet increasing demand.”

As a leading provider of dairy ingredients, DSM offers a diverse portfolio of cultures and enzymes that deliver performance, reliable results and cost-effectiveness. Combining its strong scientific knowledge with application expertise, DSM works in close partnership with its customers, enabling them to innovate and maintain a high level of consistency across their entire product lines.

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