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DSM launches next generation yogurt cultures for indulgent, thick and creamy options

DSM launches next generation yogurt cultures for indulgent, thick and creamy options
DSM launches a new range of yogurt cultures for Greek and other creamy yogurts. 

DSM launches its Greek Legends – a range of new yogurt cultures for Greek yogurt and any other indulgent, thick and creamy yogurts. The distinct cultures can, on their own or in combination with each other, deliver the desired tastes and textures that meet consumers’ preferences.

It is well known that Greek yogurt has experienced a substantial growth in the U.S. While a decade ago, it only made up 1% of the sales, it now contributes more than half of yogurt sales. Profiting from this trend are new local varieties going global such as Skyr and Australian-style yogurt. Consumers are attracted to yogurt as they can have it all in one product – indulgent, yet healthy with high-protein and attractive taste and sensory characteristics.

Based on DSM’s proven Delvo®Fresh Pure range, these next generation yogurt cultures support yogurt producers to create or reformulate Greek yogurt and expand into the growing range of more indulgent yogurts that are thick and creamy. The cultures provide more options to create high-protein, sweeter or creamier yogurts, with firmer textures, ranging from mild to authentic tastes. Moreover, they offer very high pH stability, adding further value to producers looking to extend product shelf life. In addition, DSM offers a complete solution of probiotics for added digestive health benefits.

Mark Fahlin, Global Product Line Manager for Fermented Milk Products, at DSM Food Specialties comments: “It is truly amazing to see the distinctive tastes and textures in products coming solely from our next generation yogurt cultures. With high-protein yogurt being one of the biggest segment in North America and with the drive for more growth and differentiation, now is an excellent opportunity for the yogurt industry to make the most from yogurt cultures. DSM has rapidly responded to the increasing consumer demand for thicker, higher fat and more indulgent yogurts. The Greek Legends cultures addresses the market’s needs to develop more flavorful, creamier and protein-rich products to help manufacturers diversify their ranges, while enabling them to improve product quality and shelf-life stability in one solution.”

As a leading provider of dairy ingredients, DSM offers a total portfolio of cultures and enzymes that deliver performance, reliable results and consumer-winning texture, taste and mouth feel. Combining strong scientific knowledge with application expertise, DSM works in close partnership with customers, enabling them to innovate and maintain a high level of consistency across all their product lines.

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