DSM meets with best and brightest innovators

DSM's Innovation Partnering Conference evaluated entries for products and technologies in areas including cognition, energy, blood glucose support and digestive health.

DSM Nutritional Products, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of nutritional ingredients, held its 2014 Innovation Partnering Conference on June 25 to 26, 2014 in Parsippany, N.J. DSM sought entries for products and technologies in a number of areas including cognition, sustained energy, blood glucose support and digestive health. The Conference provided startups and young companies one-on-one opportunities to showcase their work and explore collaborations with DSM to accelerate commercialization of their products.

Ten companies were selected from over 60 applications submitted by innovative entrepreneurs whose ingredients and technologies hold promise in the human nutritional product market. Invited companies were selected based on their alignment with DSM strategic objectives and the innovativeness of their technology or products. Each company was assigned a mentor from Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) and DSM to help develop their presentation prior to the conference. Company presentations were judged by a panel comprised of DSM senior executives responsible for marketing, R&D, innovation and venturing for human nutrition and health.

“We are very excited about the caliber of the companies that presented,” explained Rob Beudeker, vice president of innovation for DSM Human Nutrition and Health area. “There are some in particular that met a number of our interest criteria, including safety, efficacy, cost, regulatory considerations, IP and consumer research, which all interplay in determining the potential for marketplace viability.”

Selected companies from the conference will be offered collaboration opportunities with various DSM business units and several will be evaluated for investment by DSM Venturing. In addition, the attending companies had an opportunity to participate in a half-day Learning Academy. The Learning Academy featured presentations by five senior DSM executives representing all major phases of nutritional product development: innovation; research and development; regulatory affairs; sales and marketing; and venturing. The executives shared insights about DSM’s approach and criteria when collaborating with entrepreneurs to develop new products for the global human nutrition market. The DSM Innovation Conference was also a forum for participants to dialogue and network—all to support turning bright ideas into nutritional solutions for a brighter world.


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