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FutureCeuticals announces successful Dermaval research

FutureCeuticals announces successful Dermaval research
Study suggests that the phytonutrient-rich plant-based material supports skin elasticity.

FutureCeuticals Inc. announced publication of a double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled clinical study performed on 20 healthy subjects who had been served a single serving of 50 mg of its proprietary Dermaval™ ingredient. The results showed a statistically significant inhibition of Human Neutrophil Elastase (HNE) activity during a two-hour period following ingestion.

Dermaval is a patent-pending, all-natural combination of fruit and vegetable concentrates. HNE is an enzyme that contributes to the degradation of elastin, a key structural protein responsible for the elasticity of the skin and other connective tissue. HNE can be active in healthy persons in response to certain routine activities, such as eating.

The study was performed on healthy human subjects who had fasted overnight (12 to 16 hours). On Day 1, blood was drawn at Time 0 from all study subjects prior to ingesting 200 ml of water. Blood was subsequently drawn at 60 and 120 minutes following ingestion of water. On day 2, after a blood draw at Time 0, participants received 75 grams of glucose in water and were tested according to the same protocol. On day 3, after a blood draw at Time 0, participants consumed a 50 mg serving of Dermaval 15 minutes prior to ingestion of the 75 grams of glucose in water, and again tested at 60 and 120 minutes.

HNE values for Day 1 (water only) did not change. On Day 2 (glucose in water), HNE levels increased by 75 percent over baseline. Remarkably, this spike in HNE activity was completely absent on Day 3, when subjects were given Dermaval prior to the 75 g of glucose in water.

"There have been a few instances where natural materials have been shown to demonstrate HNE inhibitory activity in vitro," said Dr. Zbigniew Pietrzkowski, vice president of research and development at FutureCeuticals. "But there has been little evidence of in vivo activity in humans. This study is remarkable in that it suggests a potential direct effect of a small but concentrated amount of all natural food materials on everyday physiological activities associated with aging and skin health."

Dermaval will be marketed as a clinically backed ingredient in health aging and beauty-from-within categories.

The study was published in the journal Nutrition and Dietary Supplements.

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