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Glanbia launches IGNITOR amino release matrix

Glanbia launches IGNITOR amino release matrix
Proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes is designed and optimized to efficiently release BCAAs and glutamine from whey protein sources.

Glanbia Nutritionals, a global ingredient solutions and nutrient premix provider, announced at SupplySide West the launch of IGNITOR™ amino release matrix, a proprietary blend of proteolytic enzymes designed and optimized to efficiently release branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine from whey protein sources while promoting heightened mTOR activation for enhanced protein synthesis and skeletal muscle growth. Powdered drink mix samples featuring the enzyme blend IGNITOR were on hand for an exclusive first-time trial. 

IGNITOR amino release matrix is composed of two different types of enzymes: endopeptidases and exopeptidases. Endopeptidases hydrolyze the protein molecule at the interior peptide bonds, liberating smaller peptides, while exopeptidases hydrolyze the protein molecule at the terminus of the peptide chain, liberating an individual amino acid. The exopeptidases in IGNITOR have been optimized to specifically cleave off the BCAAs and glutamine; while the endopeptidases in the product have been optimized to specifically cleave next to leucine, valine, isoleucine and glutamine. This creates fragments with the desired amino acids at the end, allowing the exopeptidases to cleave them off more easily, resulting in a much higher proportion of individual branch chain amino acids and glutamine being released from the protein. Other enzyme blends on the market are general endo and exopeptidases, meaning that they do not specifically target the release of BCAAs or glutamine.

In vitro studies compared 150 mg of IGNITOR to 2500 mg of the leading competitor using
40 g of whey protein concentrate (WPC) under simulated gastric and intestinal conditions. The results of the study found that 150 mg of IGNITOR releases ~2x more leucine from WPC than 2500 mg of a leading competitor and ~2.5x more leucine from WPC than endogenous enzymes alone. Similarly, IGNITOR released ~2x and 2.25x more total BCAAs respectively than the competing blend and endogenous enzymes alone. Finally the study showed that glutamine release was ~3x and 4.25x higher with IGNITOR, respectively.

IGNITOR’s ability to provide a more efficient release of BCAAs and glutamine allows for formulations that contain less protein to achieve desired effectiveness levels. This allows for a reduction in the serving size along with a decrease in the negative side effects known to come from protein intake such as bloating, poor digestion, gas, etc.

“It’s because of these efficiencies that IGNITOR provides a number of important benefits for manufacturers formulating innovative sports nutrition protein products,” said Jeremy Bartos, Ph.D., scientific and regulatory affairs manager for Glanbia Nutritionals.

Glanbia Nutritionals offers the premier portfolio of innovative, clinically-driven specialty sports nutrition ingredient solutions. Combined with our extensive expertise in custom premix, Glanbia Nutritionals is a complete fortification partner uniquely positioned to support the needs of fast-moving sports nutrition companies.


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