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Gnosis launches Advanced Nutrition Platform

Gnosis launches Advanced Nutrition Platform
New platform reflects Gnosis's commitment to assisting customers and consumers in better comprehending the expanded product portfolio and applications.

Gnosis is proud to announce the launch of the Advance Nutrition Platform. This action reflects the company’s key commitment to provide an intuitive understanding of Gnosis Advanced Nutrition and to assist customers and consumers in better comprehending the expanded product portfolio and applications as well as all the services they can benefit from thanks to Gnosis leadership in health and nutrition.

There is a growing amount of data indicating that a series of nutrients, bioactive dietary components and changes in diet habits could modulate the patterns upon a series of organs, systems and vital functions that as a whole determine the health status of people at all the stages of life. Gnosis Advanced Nutrition is research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome.

By determining the mechanism of the effects of nutrients or the effects of a nutritional regime, Gnosis Advanced Nutrition tries to define the causality/relationship between these specific nutrients and specific nutrient regimes (diets) on human health such as:

  1. Diet supplementation with nutrients involved in one-carbon metabolism and methylation and
  2. Diet supplementation with nutrients with bioactive food components

About Advanced Nutrition
One Carbon Metabolism and Bioactives are also the two main research fields associated with influencing epigenetics,  the study of changes in gene expression in cells without changing the DNA sequence.

Epigenetics is emerging as a complementary key segment of nutrigenomics science, which tries to understand and predict nutrient-gene interaction with the ultimate aim of being able to design personalized nutrition strategies for good health.  

One Carbon Metabolism is a network of cellular interrelated biochemical reactions involving the transfer of one-carbon groups from one biological compound to another (methylation) and essential for sustaining the life of cells. Gnosis provides a wide range of products covering this metabolic application field: Adomet ™, Adogran™, Adomix ™, Soloesse™, Adoral™, Samespresso®, SAMe Drink™, Quatrefolic®, Sagace™.

Bioactives are naturally occurring components that are known to affect and modulate a wide range of enzymatic routes, contributing significantly to health when they are consumed throughout life as part of the daily diet.

Bioactives, as nature intended, can be produced in highly purified grade using state-of-the-art biofermentation techniques, preserving their beneficial roles  and guaranteeing a strictly and controlled quality chain.

Bioactive specialties offered by Gnosis are: Vitamk7®, K2&Olive™, Biooptima™, Mythocondro®, Biokyn®, Superesse®

Though a rigorous pharmaceutical approach, Gnosis carries out a seamless flow of operations, from product concept to research and development, pre-clinical and clinical studies, regulatory filing and Intellectual properties, manufacturing and distribution standing alongside customers’ business with no need of other third-party partners.

New website
Advanced Nutrition project includes the launch of a new website, The website boasts a modern and colorful layout and has been designed to provide an user-friendly navigation allowing customers to access product information in different ways. Exploring by functional areas is especially helpful to find which product better meets the user’s needs and give a clear picture of Gnosis expanded experience to offer solutions enhancing the entire body’s health.

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