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Kampffmeyer unveils new functional flour

Kampffmeyer unveils new functional flour
Purafarin HydroSoft is especially suitable for clean label products, as it can replace emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes.

Purafarin HydroSoft® is the latest addition to Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s portfolio of functional flours. The natural ingredient provides baked goods with high volume, extended freshness and a soft texture. The product is suitable for use in a variety of application fields, including fine baked goods, puff pastries, white breads and pizzas. Purafarin HydroSoft is especially suitable for clean label products as it can replace additives such as emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes. Furthermore, it helps to reduce cost intensive raw materials like oil and butter. When producing laminated doughs with Purafarin HydroSoft, rest times become redundant, leading to savings in both time and costs.

Purafarin HydroSoft can be used like conventional wheat flour and is labeled as “wheat flour”. It reduces starch retrogradation after baking and thus provides baked goods with improved and longer-lasting freshness. The required dosage varies between 2 and 10 percent—depending on the application and the recipe.

The functional flour is a real all-rounder: It is suitable for versatile applications ranging from fine baked goods to pizza. Every application has its own quality characteristics, and all can be achieved with Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s new flour.

White breads gain a high dough volume and a soft and juicy crumb, while using Purafarin HydroSoft in pizza doughs produces a short bite. In general, the higher the dosage, the larger the pores. A high dosage, for example, provides Deep Pan Pizza with its characteristic texture. The functional flour also supports the rising of yeast in frozen pizzas. Thus, it can help to replace synthetic raising agents partly or even completely—depending on the dosage. Purafarin HydroSoft also ensures that the texture of end products is maintained even after several months of refrigerated storage. This is true for pizzas that are frozen in raw form as well as those that are frozen semi-baked.

With laminated doughs such as puff pastries, the flour scores particularly highly from a time point of view. Purafarin HydroSoft enables manufacturers to produce products without the usual gluten relaxation resting times during processing, thus reducing overall production times.

Test recipes for fine baked goods such as muffins and cookies show that it is possible to use up to 30 percent less fat by adding the functional flour. The texture and crumb consistency of baked goods, however, remain the same.

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