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Kampffmeyer unveils value-added grain solutions

Kampffmeyer unveils value-added grain solutions
Company will roll out product solutions for the bakery sector at FiE. Here's a sneak peek.

By combining carefully selected grain varieties with state-of-the-art physical refinement processes, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation develops sophisticated ingredients. At this year’s FiE, the company will focus on innovative product solutions for the bakery sector: The functional flour Optigrain Snow®Wheat provides whole grain benefits while offering the taste experience of conventional wheat flour products. Purafarin HydroSoft® can replace emulsifiers, thickeners and technical enzymes. Baked goods containing the new Purafarin ingredient are characterized by a high volume, prolonged freshness and a soft texture. Slow Milling Ferment’tic®, a fermented wheat flour, enables manufacturers to produce premium bakery goods extremely time efficiently.

Optigrain SnowWheat is a high quality whole grain flour which is based on specially selected grain varieties. The flour allows to manufacture products which look and taste like conventional baked goods but offer the nutritional value of conventional whole grain products. Furthermore, products with Optigrain SnowWheat have a longer shelf life, a superior taste and an appearance that is far above average.

Purafarin HydroSoft is the latest addition to Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s portfolio of functional flours. The natural ingredient provides baked goods with high volume, extended freshness and a soft texture without the need for emulsifiers, thickeners or technical enzymes. Thus, the functional flour is especially suitable for Clean Label products. Purafarin HydroSoft can be used in a variety of application fields, including fine baked goods, puff pastry, toast, white breads and pizzas.

Slow Milling Ferment’tic is especially suitable for the manufacturing of Mediterranean-style bakery products. As it can be used instead of baking agents such as chemical emulsifiers, it works as an alternative for additives. The gently fermented wheat germ flour provides baked goods with a full, aromatic taste and a unique appearance with coarse pores in the crumb. This ingredient also scores with its simplified and time efficient production process: By using straight dough bulk fermentation, results which normally require preferment and a long proofing time of up to 24 hours can quickly be achieved. With Slow Milling Ferment’tic, outstanding premium bakery goods can be produced in just three hours.


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