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Kemin, DSM launch natural zeaxanthin

Kemin, DSM launch natural zeaxanthin
Companies expand partnership to offer naturally sourced zeaxanthin and lutein for important health benefits.

Kemin and DSM are pleased to announce the launch of OPTISHARP Natural brand of zeaxanthin. Kemin, pioneer of FloraGLO® Lutein, and DSM, creator of OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin, are expanding their longtime lutein partnership to deliver high-quality, naturally-sourced zeaxanthin. OPTISHARP Natural, made from Kemin Industries’ ZeaONE™ brand of zeaxanthin, offers important benefits for eye health, cognition and skin health.

“This is a real win for both our customers,” said Anita Norian, Kemin president of the human nutrition and health division. “Kemin and DSM have been partners in the global carotenoid market since the late 1990s, and further collaboration will only maximize the exceptional quality and service both organizations’ customers have come to know.”

This partnership combines the sound science, research, marketing and technical support of Kemin and DSM. Under the agreement, DSM will serve as Kemin Industries’ exclusive and global zeaxanthin distributor for human nutrition, and Kemin will act as DSM’s exclusive supplier of naturally-sourced zeaxanthin crystalline material. DSM will also invest in high performance product form innovations for dietary supplement and food applications.

The zeaxanthin ingredients will be marketed under DSM’s OPTISHARP brand as OPTISHARP Natural. OPTISHARP Naturalis formulated from hybrid marigold flowers that are protected under patent rights licensed exclusively by Kemin and provide the same free-form of zeaxanthin found in most fruits and vegetables.

“We are excited about this new collaboration that solidifies both organizations’ positions as leaders in the eye health market, facilitating further development for both lutein and zeaxanthin,” said Norian. “Customers will be offered easy-to-use, convenient formulations that combine the two complementary ingredients, lutein and zeaxanthin.”

“As a leading provider of zeaxanthin, DSM is pleased to expand its relationship with Kemin and offer an additional ‘natural’ choice as part of our existing OPTISHARP portfolio,” said Will Black, DSM vice president in North America. “There is a significant and comprehensive body of evidence supporting the positive effects of lutein and zeaxanthin on eye health and visual function, both through the protection of specific eye tissues and by increasing visual performance. We continue to support further clinical research to reinforce the scientific basis for the positive impact of lutein and zeaxanthin on eye health, as well as the benefits that zeaxanthin provides for cognition and skin health in its role as an antioxidant.”

OPTISHARP Natural will be featured at Supply Side West in Las Vegas on Oct. 8 to 10. Both teams will be promoting sales of FloraGLO Lutein and OPTISHARP Natural in order to offer customers the convenience of both forms from a single source and to provide DSM customers with a naturally sourced, quality zeaxanthin backed by both Kemin and DSM.

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