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Maypro launches 3 branded ingredients

Maypro launches 3 branded ingredients
Company debuts ETAS (enzyme-treated asparagus extract) for stress and sleep, Bluenesse for mental clarity and Venetron for mood support.

Maypro Industries’ Proprietary Branded Ingredients (PBI) division is proud to announce the launch of three new patented ingredients: ETAS™ (enzyme-treated asparagus extract) for stress and sleep, Bluenesse™ for mental clarity, and Venetron® for mood support.

ETAS (enzyme-treated asparagus extract) is a novel, patented nutritional ingredient for relaxation and sleep improvement. ETAS has been clinically shown to induce Heat Shock Protein (HSP) and protect cells from various stresses. Heat-resistant and water-soluble, ETAS is supported by four human clinical studies at the recommended daily dosage of 200 mg/day.

Bluenesse is a proprietary lemon balm extract that reduces anxiety and improves alertness. A high-quality, sustainable natural ingredient, Bluenesse is obtained by water extraction from Melissa officinalis L. leaves that have been used in traditional medicine via food and tea for relaxation. Supported by human clinical research, the recommended dosage is 300 mg/day.

Venetron is a purified, patented extract of Apocynum venetum L., a botanical with a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinical studies support the use of Venetron in individuals with occasional mood challenges. Fast-acting Venetron offers a better safety and efficacy profile than St. John’s wort and has mood-supportive, calmness restoring and anxiolytic effects. Clinically validated dosage is 50 mg/day.

Approximately 21 million American adults suffer from some type of mood disorder, an estimated 40 million experience anxiety and 30 million report problems with sleep. More than 20 million suffer from mild cognitive impairment.

“Considering the scope of these health concerns among Americans, and consequently the size of these markets, I am very excited about these opportunities,” said Dan Lifton, president of Maypro’s PBI division. “I am grateful to our manufacturer partners for their commitment to high-quality clinical research, which positions us for success.”

More than 20 sales people from Maypro will attend the SupplySide West Global Expo in Las Vegas, Nov. 14 to 15, 2013, and they look forward to introducing these ingredients to all of their existing and prospective customers. Please visit Maypro Booth #16020 for more information.

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