Navitas Naturals launches Green Coffee Powder

Navitas Naturals launches Green Coffee Powder

New energizing, antioxidant-rich superfood is made from raw, unroasted Arabica beans handpicked in Peru.

The superfood category leader has added yet another certified-organic superfood to its lineup. Navitas Naturals Green Coffee Powder is made from young, unroasted Arabica coffee beans that are handpicked in Peru. Green coffee powder has been used for centuries to boost energy, support metabolism and aid digestion. It is usually offered only in capsules, but now Navitas Naturals offers a whole food version that is 100 percent green coffee. 
Raw green coffee is a healthy source of chlorogenic acid (CGA), the powerful antioxidant linked to many of coffee’s health benefits. Unlike roasted coffee beans that are cooked at very high temperatures that can compromise nutrients, green coffee is raw and processed only at low temperatures, which means that the original integrity of the coffee bean’s nutrients and antioxidants is preserved. Green Coffee Powder is an energizing superfood that contains caffeine, and it also provides dietary fiber. 
Navitas Naturals suggests that customers add organic Green Coffee Powder to smoothies, flours, desserts and beverages. The powder has a very mild coffee flavor that blends well with chocolate. Due to its effect on metabolism, it is often used as a part of a balanced weight management program. 
This product is certified organic, non-GMO, raw, kosher and gluten-free. Unlike other green coffee in the marketplace, Navitas Green Coffee Powder is free of fillers, binders and excipients. Offered in a multiple serving 4-ounce resealable pouch for a SRP of $14.99, Navitas Naturals Green Coffee Powder and other Navitas products are available at thousands of retail locations throughout North America, and at many online stores.

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