New TopBake compensates for low-gluten flour

New TopBake compensates for low-gluten flour

DeutscheBack develops complexes of active substances that compensate for weak gluten properties in raw materials for better baking performance.

Insufficient availability of vital wheat gluten, financial pressure and the search for innovative products demand new strategies in the baking industry. The applications technologists of DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG have now found a solution. Their new product series TopBake Gluten Enhancer boosts the effect of the wheat gluten already present in the flour. For example, the compounds make it possible to reduce the amount of added gluten or achieve excellent results with less vital gluten, or none at all, when using composite flour containing cassava.

It is becoming more and more usual to add non-bread flours made from soy, maize, beans, ancient grains or cassava in the production of baked goods. They enable the industry to develop interesting new bread creations and marketing strategies. But using gluten-free raw materials reduces the proportion of wheat gluten in the recipe. The larger the proportion of non-wheat material, the greater is the negative effect on dough stability and volume. In order to compensate for this loss of quality, the applications technologists from DeutscheBack have developed the TopBake Gluten Enhancer series. The new complexes of active substances are based on enzymes, vegetable fibres, hydrocolloids and ascorbic acid.  

In many recipes, TopBake Gluten Enhancer makes it possible to reduce the amount of expensive vital gluten added or do without it altogether. The good baking performance is maintained if ten parts of gluten are replaced with as little as one part of TopBake Gluten Enhancer. If a recipe contains ten percent cassava flour, for example,  about four percent vital wheat gluten are needed in order to maintain the baking properties. But with the addition of 0.3 percent TopBake Gluten Enhancer, only one percent gluten has to be added in order to achieve at least equal baking performance.  

The use of TopBake Gluten Enhancer compensates for the deficits in the raw materials, increases water absorption capacity and optimizes the stability of the dough. This results in excellent baked products, with greatly enlarged volume and a more even crumb structure. The new flour improvers require no adjustments, either in the processing of the dough or in the baking process.

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