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NP Nutra launches 7 new products at Engredea 2015

NP Nutra launches 7 new products at Engredea 2015
New products include organic Yacon Leaf Powder, organic Nopal Powder and two new flavors of the popular NutraProtein Power Blend.

Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals (NP Nutra) is excited to participate for the 11th year in Engredea, the largest annual gathering of natural products and equipment suppliers and manufactures of its kind in the world. The show, to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center from March 6 to 8, 2015, is the platform chosen by NP Nutra to launch seven exciting new products: Aloe Vera 100:1 Freeze-dried (Organic), Yacon Leaf Powder (Organic), Nopal Powder (organic), Pea Protein Powder 80% (organic), Hemp Protein Powder 45% (organic) and, last but not least, two new flavors of the popular NutraProtein Power Blend™.

Aloe Vera 100:1 Freeze-dried (Organic) Leaf Powder with its long list of beneficial elements and compounds is a welcome addition to the NP Nutra line with a wide range of applications in the food, beverage and cosmetic industries.

In the search for natural healthful sweeteners, NP Nutra launches two products: Yacon and Nopal. Yacon is a perfect source of fructooligasaccharides (FOS), a type of sugar not digested and absorbed by the body which makes it an ideal natural sweetener. Sourced organically, Yacon is available in both powder and syrup form. Sharing similar properties, NP Nutra’s Nopal Powder (organic) contains specific polysaccharides that may be helpful in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and pectin, which helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

In response to the demand for superior quality plant-based protein, NP Nutra launches not one, but two protein powders which can be used separately or combined for maximum benefit. Pea Protein Powder 80% (organic) and Hemp Protein Powder 45% (organic) are both rich in amino acids and contain branched-chain amino acids that provide optimum energy and stamina during workouts and promote good physical recovery afterwards.

Following the success of NP Nutra’s latest signature ingredient, NutraProtein Power Blend Vanilla, two new flavors will be launched at Engredea: Chocolate and Greens. This specially formulated nutritional mix of superior plant-based protein contains essential amino acids, antioxidants and other vital nutrients and is sweetened with stevia. These seven quality products add to NP Nutra’s ever-expanding line of premium nutraceutical ingredients, botanical extracts and signature blends. They will be available at NP Nutra’s Booth 201, located in Hall A at Engredea. 

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