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NP Nutra launches JabuVital

NP Nutra launches JabuVital
JabuVital is the new and improved juice powder from the Jabuticaba fruit, set for launch at Ingredient Marketplace.

As part of its continuing effort to bring rare and potent nutritional ingredients within reach of its growing clientele, Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals (NP Nutra), a leading supplier of superior-quality ingredients, announced the launching of its newest signature ingredient, JabuVital™

JabuVital is the new and improved Jabuticaba juice powder from the Jabuticaba fruit, which grows in abundance in Brazil and is readily available in Brazilian markets.

The Jabuticaba is one of Brazil’s most beloved fruits. These deep purple fruits measure 3 to 4 cm in diameter. They grow in bunches straight out of the tree’s truck and branches, giving the tree an interesting and exotic appearance. Jabuticaba fruits have thick skin, white translucent pinkish-white flesh like that of grapes and have a mild fragrance that adds a pleasant and exotic note to perfumes.

Ready-to-use, JabuVital’s delicate pink color and delicious flavor add a delightful color and taste to jams, juices, candy, flavoured yogurt and even ice cream. JabuVital also contains unique nutritional components of fresh Jabuticaba fruits that make the juice powder great for nutritional supplements and functional foods and beverages.

Jabuticaba contains high levels of Vitamin C with 100 g of the fruit containing 57 percent of the RDA. This rare fruit from Brazil also contains potent antioxidant compounds including a new depside unique to the Jabuticaba fruit—Jaboticabin that is being studied for its anti-aging application. The thick Jabuticaba peel is also a good source of dietary fiber.

JabuVital is the latest addition to NP Nutra’s growing line of superior quality superfruit ingredients and will be on display at the Ingredient Marketplace show in New York in early June. GMO free and all-natural, JabuVital brings the great benefits of the rare and exotic Jabuticaba fruit within reach. 


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