Nutegrity now offering CocoaNol cocoa extract

Nutegrity now offering CocoaNol cocoa extract

Partnership with Theo Innovations allows Nutegrity to offer the organic cocoa extract standardized to 10 percent natural cocoa polyphenols to dietary supplement, food and beverage formulators.

Nutegrity is now offering CocoaNol™, an organic cocoa extract standardized to 10 percent natural cocoa polyphenols. CocoaNol harnesses the antioxidant power of chocolate in a delivery system that allows dietary supplement, food and beverage companies to drive new product innovation.

“Through a partnership with Theo Innovations, a division of Theo Chocolate, we are able to provide our dietary supplement, food and beverage customers with a chocolate extract that aligns nicely with our existing portfolio of signature antioxidants,” stated Matt Phillips, chief commercial officer of Nutegrity. “The potential health benefits of cocoa polyphenols have been under investigation for more than a century and now we are able to deliver those health benefits in a new and exciting way.”

CocoaNol contains the highest concentration of epicatechins to total catechins of any chocolate product on the market. Although many different polyphenols are present in dark chocolate, emerging research has identified epicatechin as the primary cocoa flavonol linked to the observed health benefits of dark chocolate. Consumer trends suggest that there is significant interest in polyphenol antioxidants and their health benefits, potentially elevating quality dark chocolate beyond a pleasurable indulgence to the status of a healthy food. CocoaNol is extracted without the use of harsh solvents and is GRAS, as well as organic and kosher certified.

“Our direct relationship with our cocoa bean suppliers has allowed Theo to establish a proprietary process that ensures the highest antioxidant activity in our raw material compared to chocolate sourced elsewhere,” stated Stefan Wypyszyk, vice president of Theo Innovations. “Our commitment to full transparency, traceability and sustainability is shared by Nutegrity and we are pleased to be partnering with them to deliver this chocolate extract to an expanding customer base.”

To learn more about CocoaNol or Nutegrity’s expansive line of omega-3 lipids, proteins and nutraceuticals, please visit Nutegrity at SupplySide West booth #23113 or contact [email protected] 


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