Polyphenolics launches MegaNatural-GL

Polyphenolics launches MegaNatural-GL

Preliminary studies show great promise for Polyphenolics' newest condition-specific grapeseed extract ingredient.

Americans may be trying to get into better shape but let’s face it, they aren’t there yet. Polyphenolics is introducing its newest condition-specific grape seed extract ingredient, MegaNatural-GL. It will give an additional advantage to people trying to improve their physical condition by helping them to manage their blood sugar after meals and reducing their oxidative stress.

While hard-core exercise enthusiasts are unlikely to have problems optimizing their blood sugar levels, those trying to lose weight and just starting to get more exercise are likely to need help. “MegaNatural-GL is ideal for people who are on the boundaries of sports nutrition—those who aspire to get healthier. It is synergistic with lifestyle modifications and healthy diet improvements,” confirmed Polyphenolics President Anil Shrikhande, Ph.D.

Pilot studies confirm MegaNatural-GL’s benefits
Preliminary studies conducted at University of California, Davis examined the relationship between MegaNatural-GL and concentrations of blood glucose and insulin after meals. Study participants included both healthy individuals and those diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

“Our findings suggest that this grape seed extract has the ability to support insulin and glucose metabolism,” commented lead investigator C. Tissa Kappagoda, MD., emeritus professor of medicine at UC Davis, whose area of interest is preventive medicine.

Kappagoda explained that the body’s ability to manage glucose is best in the mornings. The pilot studies indicated that those subjects who took MegaNatural-GL showed an improvement in glucose management after dinner, when their bodies needed it most. “We feel these grape seed polyphenols merit further investigation as a part of a lifestyle management program for patients with a variety of conditions related to obesity.”

Why MegaNatural-GL has a unique function
Grape seed polyphenols are the active compounds in each of Polyphenolics’ MegaNatural products. However, each ingredient functions differently. “MegaNatural-BP, for example, has a molecular structure which enters the bloodstream quickly. MegaNatural-GL, on the other hand, maintains its characteristics in the digestive tract, where it can have the greatest benefit,” Shrikhande explained. MegaNatural-GL can be used in powders and capsules, at dosage levels as low as 300 mg. It is also very water soluble, and can be added to beverages without impacting taste, consistency or color.

He adds that, “While we are not trying to make athletes out of people, we have designed MegaNatural-GL to help people get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle. It is an adjunct to helping with weight loss and better blood glucose management.”

A number of dietary supplement companies are actively testing MegaNatural-GL for maintenance of healthy glucose levels.



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