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Synutra launches branded chondroitin

Synutra launches branded chondroitin
Chondro Gold and Chondro Cal are guaranteed adulterant free, with low to ultra-low heavy metal limits and a choice of source material.

Synutra Ingredients has launched branded Condroitin ingredients to differentiate their products from the commoditized chondroitin materials common in dietary supplement ingredients. Chondro Gold and Chondro Cal are guaranteed adulterant-free, with low to ultra-low heavy metal limits, and offer a choice of source material, essential for brands that want to certify kosher or halal.

“Chondroitin became very much in demand for joint health just as dietary supplement ingredient sourcing became largely commoditized, and quality suffered,” said Synutra Ingredients President Weiguo Zhang. “The result was that the consumer did not experience the beneficial results they expected. When you use the highest quality ingredients, the end product is going to be effective.”

Synutra Ingredients' Chondro Gold materials come in various grade levels of chondroitin assay content to meet diversified customer needs. Choice of source material varieties is also offered in bovine, porcine, avian, and combinations hereof. Chondro Gold materials feature not more than 1 percent electrophoretic impurities, and ultra-low heavy metal breakdown guarantees. All Chondro Gold materials meet United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Dietary Supplement Compendium's documentary standards on Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium.

Synutra Ingredients has developed proprietary processes to extract and produce chondroitin calcium in a low-sodium form from common source materials. This chondroitin calcium product is offered in Synutra Ingredients’ Chondro Cal. This low-sodium or sodium-free alternative chondroitin material provides consumers with benefits of long-term supplementation without the harmful impact of unwanted sodium intake with conventional joint health products. Moderate levels of specialized calcium content also complement bone health needs of certain segments of the population, such as women.

All Synutra Chondroitin are guaranteed free from alginic acid, the most common chondroitin adulterant.

With these branded chondroitin materials, Synutra Ingredients will be able to share with its customers:

  • Standardized and compliant materials with purity and quality guarantee to minimize safety and reputational risks
  • Volume sourcing efficiency to mitigate material cost fluctuations
  • Interaction with customers to optimize formulation and manufacturing processes for maximized quality and efficiency
  • Use of branding benefits with end-user products to enhance consumer confidence
  • Access to cutting-edge research and analytical advances to stay ahead of the game in the industry
  • Passing of higher material standards and quality disclosures to customers for competitive advantages


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