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EuroPharma launches Menopause Relief with black cohosh

Black cohosh
EuroPharma announces the launch of Menopause Relief with black cohosh.

EuroPharma, Inc.®, makers of the Terry Naturally® brand of natural products, announces the launch of Menopause Relief, clinically effective black cohosh. Menopause Relief provides the same dosage of black cohosh used in European clinical studies in a standardized form to obtain consistent results. 

Every minute, about 6,000 American women reach menopause, and with it comes hot flashes, night sweats, irritability and a host of other unwanted symptoms. “Menopause is not a disease—it’s a natural progression in a woman’s life,” said Cheryl Myers, head of scientific affairs and education at EuroPharma. “However, some of the symptoms of menopause are disruptive and difficult, and doctors are quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, despite the harmful side effects. Terry Naturally’s Menopause Relief provides a safe, effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy. A small, once daily tablet of Menopause Relief is all that’s needed for consistent, long-term benefits.”

Black cohosh has long been the go-to herbal medicine to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, and over 50 years of research has verified its effects. But the effectiveness of black cohosh has been questioned. A 2013 report from the American Botanical Council recommended that supplement manufacturers “work closely with a qualified analytical lab to authenticate black cohosh extracts before securing any supply source” because of the varied quality of extracts flooding the market. Myers explained: “The incidences of misidentified black cohosh products are a huge challenge. If you’re not taking the correct herb, in the correct standardization and dosage, you won’t get effective relief. Our product uses the clinically studied amount of authentic, standardized black cohosh for safe, effective relief of menopause symptoms.” Terry Naturally’s Menopause Relief is now available nationwide at quality health food retailers and integrative pharmacies. 

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