First Bite: Cocomo Joe

First Bite: Cocomo Joe

Our senior food editor, Kelsey Blackwell, receives dozens of new food products from natural manufacturers. Each week, she'll choose one intriguing item to feature in the Instagram video series First Bite. In 20 seconds, Kelsey will try the product and share her honest thoughts.

Is this CocomoJoe bar a treat or nutrition bar? I just can't tell. This product is certainly riding the coconut wave but I'm not sure what else it offers.


First thoughts: Wonderful coconut flavor! I love the subtle sweetness and great coffee flavor from the coffee grounds. Though it does offer 5 grams of protein, I'd still put it in the dessert category since it's not particularly strong in any other nutrient. Still, I'd keep a few on hand for a road trip or in a hunger pinch.   

Yay! Suitable for a bevy of specialty diets including raw, gluten free, vegan and paleo. Delicious flavor, crunchy texture, love the chewy coffee grounds.

Nay! Calories are a bit high but when sugar cravings hit, this certainly beats noshing on a candy bar.    

Overall rating: 5 bites

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