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First Bite: Curry oatmeal?

Our senior food editor, Kelsey Blackwell, receives dozens of new food products from natural manufacturers. Each week, she'll choose one intriguing item to feature in the Instagram video series First Bite. In 20 seconds, Kelsey will try the product and share her honest thoughts. This week, one taste of curry oatmeal led her to create a new word.

First Bite is back in an even easier-to-digest format. I'm using Instagram video to capture my authentic "first bite" of a new natural food product each week. Because I have only 20 seconds (the maximum time the format allows), viewers get my unfiltered first impressions.To kick things off, I gave this new Curry Up oatmeal from Straw Propeller a whirl.

Yes, "curry-ee" and, if I may add?

First thoughts: Very unusual. It takes a few bites to warm to the curry spices. Raisins (which plump with the addition of hot water) and whole cashews are a nice touch.   

Yay! Definitely an out-of-the-cereal-box way to shake up your morning routine. I appreciate the flavor innovation in a traditionally boring category. Other varieties from this brand include PB&J, Oh My Pumpkin Pie and Banana Bread. You can see all the offerings here, which include vegan and gluten-free options. Packaging is bright, cheery, fun, clearly conveys the brand's gourmet approach and will stand out in the instant oatmeal set.

Nay! Where's the organic certification?

Overall rating: 3 bites

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