HEPI, WellMetris roll out health assessment technology

HEPI, WellMetris roll out health assessment technology

Wellness Profile gauges oxidative stress, inflammation and antioxidant capacity to assess an individual’s health and metabolic status.

Michigan-based natural products developer Health Enhancement Products Inc. (OTC.BB: HEPI.OB – News) announces that its newly formed subsidiary, WellMetris LLC, will begin test-marketing proprietary wellness technology HEPI acquired in late August of 2013 at select Powerhouse Gyms locations.  As the wellness industry and consumers become more aware of and interested in “personalized health and fitness,” this tool for evaluating an individual’s health status is expected to gain rapid acceptance.

The Wellness Profile is a rapid, non-invasive urine test that gauges the level of oxidative stress, inflammation and antioxidant capacity to arrive at a unique assessment of an individual’s health and metabolic status. The test measures “wellness” as opposed to diagnosing illness or impairment. It is designed to help shape and monitor the positive metabolic effects of a healthier lifestyle. WellMetris intends to market the test across a range of channels and applications, initially as a pre-clinical screening tool used by wellness consultants to assess the metabolic status of generally asymptomatic individuals covered by medical insurance or accountable care organizations. Company principals are also targeting the health and fitness markets, where knowledgeable and motivated individuals seek to improve their personal performance and well-being.

The test itself can be performed in a clinic, office or retail setting. Analysis and reporting requires less than 5 minutes and is designed to be conducted by anyone capable of operating a laptop or cash register. At the consumer’s option, results can be transmitted to the retailer or fitness center website for convenient, confidential review by the consumer.

“The Wellness Profile is assessing metabolic efficiency,” says Health Enhancement CEO Andrew Dahl. “We’re striving to identify those individuals with a capacity to absorb stress and inflammation, because that’s a key to long-term health and vitality. There’s an optimal blend of diet, exercise and supplementation that can achieve optimal metabolic function for a specific individual, and our testing technology can help them achieve it. Utilizing this simple test, a consumer will have a better understanding of which supplements their body needs for optimum health. ”

WellMetris has reached an agreement with Powerhouse Gyms International to conduct a jointly-managed pilot program to test-market its proprietary Wellness Profile health assessment technology for three months. The pilot program is being conducted in Michigan, Ohio and Florida locations, and utilizes existing beta prototypes, newly manufactured test strips and market-release software.

“We’re looking forward to working with WellMetris to fine-tune a great product concept. As we roll out our FX functional training program across the country, our members may be interested in assessing their progress in more depth and detail,” states Powerhouse Gyms International CEO Henry Dabish. “The Wellness Profile creates a new level of awareness about their fitness level and how their bodies respond to the demands of a rigorous cross-training regimen.”

The initial pilot program is designed to test participants before and after a workout; with and without dietary supplementation; and, will be sampled across a broad range of fitness levels and age groups.

The test will be provided free of charge to new and existing Powerhouse Gym members at dates and locations to be announced in the next several weeks. Members will also receive a free gift bag for participating in the study.

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