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Hydrosol announces a new market segment: Whey desserts with yogurt cultures

Hydrosol has developed a way to create fermented whey desserts using yogurt cultures.

A by-product of cheese manufacture is large amounts of sweet whey. This is used for many different things, including cheese specialties, whey drinks and whey powder. Hydrosol now offers another option. The company has developed a stabilizing system that makes it possible and economical to create fermented whey desserts using yogurt cultures.

In some markets, to save money when making yogurt part of the milk is replaced by whey or water, but there are limits to this. The formulation must have at least 50 percent milk, to give the yogurt a smooth, gleaming texture and a pleasant mouth feel. With the Stabisol JOC 2 stabilizing system it is now possible to replace the milk entirely with sweet whey. The whey is mixed with fat, sugar, stabilizer and yogurt cultures, and fermented. The fat can be animal fat like cream or butter, or vegetable fat like oils, depending on availability. Instead of fresh whey, whey powder and water can be used.

This whey dessert is an attractive concept for European dairies focusing on the export market. Sebastian Barsch is a product developer at Hydrosol and specializes in yogurt, and notes, “With our new stabilizing system we give cheese makers a double benefit. They can profitably market their excess whey, and they can also take low-cost yogurt-like desserts to market. This lets them use the increasingly positive image of whey protein to boost revenues.” Whey protein is now recognized as having very good nutritional properties. Whey is also much cheaper than milk.

Like traditional yogurt, these fermented whey desserts can be mixed with various ingredients, such as flavorings and colors added at the start of the manufacturing process, or fruit preparations added after fermentation. Through close cooperation with its sister companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Hydrosol can offer customers individual consulting in this area. With its sister company OlbrichtArom, Hydrosol can also offer all-in compounds with customer-specific flavoring. 

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