Ingredion debuts UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener

Ingredion debuts UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener

UNI-PURE Dys-sperse disperses easily and thickens rapidly to targeted viscosity, while maintaining its consistency over time.

Ingredion Inc., a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has introduced New UNI-PURE® Dys-sperse instant thickener to help address the feeding of dysphagia patients and assist their caregivers. (Dysphagia means difficulty in swallowing and can be brought on by a range of conditions.)

UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener works across a broad range of foods, particularly hot, cold, low- and neutral-pH beverages. The product disperses easily and thickens rapidly to its targeted viscosity, while maintaining its consistency over time. UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener has a lower cost per dose than most gum-based thickeners and a smaller serving size than starch-based thickeners, which can reduce packaging, storage and shipping costs.

UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener provides a smooth texture and a natural appearance, with a neutral taste and aroma to thickened beverages. In trained sensory panel evaluations, UNI-PURE Dys-sperse thickener has been shown to minimize the textural drawbacks of traditional thickeners. Therese Dufresne, registered dietitian and key dysphagia thought leader, confirms that the product “has a more desirable mouthfeel than pulpy starch-based thickeners and slimy gum-based thickeners.” 

UNI-PURE® Dys-sperse is easy to use and preserves the flavor, smell and appearance of the original food or beverage, enabling manufacturers to introduce innovative products that meet the needs of caregivers and dysphagia patients alike. “Imagine improving the overall quality of life for the dysphagia population by creating safe, appetizing foods and beverages that provide the nourishment patients need,” said Donna Brooks, business development manager, clinical and infant nutrition. “We believe that UNI-PURE Dys-sperse, combined with Ingredion expertise in nutrition and texture, can help food manufacturers create dysphagia products that improve the eating experience for patients.”




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