Stages of Beauty launches Adaptive Tripeptide Serum

Stages of Beauty launches Adaptive Tripeptide Serum

New serum from parent company NutraClick takes a revolutionary approach to skin care with four scientific advances in one breakthrough product.

Stages of Beauty, an anti-aging skin care brand, unveiled the latest development in its line of beauty products with the launch of the Adaptive Tripeptide Serum™. This premium wrinkle-fighting skin care solution, which uniquely adapts to all skin types at every age, is designed to nourish the skin with highly effective moisturizers, antioxidants, brighteners and amino acids.

The Adaptive Tripeptide Serum is a four-stage formula with multiple levels of complementary ingredients, including volumizers and tighteners for wrinkle-smoothing results in just two hours, able to continually respond to an individual’s unique complexion. In addition, photoluminescent refractors reduce the appearance of deep crevices, enlarged pores and other imperfections while adding instant sparkle, shine and shimmer.

“The biggest issue in the skin care industry is that most products either target one specific issue or are intended to be a one-size-fits-all, which isn’t practical because every woman’s skin is different,” said Brett Bernier, vice president of product development at NutraClick, the parent company for Stages of Beauty. “We’ve introduced a truly breakthrough solution by pioneering a new process for formulating skin care products. Never before has there been one product that allows the skin to choose the specific type and amount of protection and repair it needs—hour by hour, day by day, year after year.”

The four scientific advances featured in Adaptive Tripeptide Serum include:

  • AcquaCell™, a natural complex derived from watermelon, red apples and lentils, acts as an ultrapotent moisturizer that adds volume, brightness, a rosy glow and elasticity, delivering maximum hydration within 15 minutes and a visible reduction in wrinkles in just two hours.
  • ChroNOline™ supports the proteins that maintain skin cohesion for a stronger, firmer, more elastic complexion.
  • Neodermyl® provides youthful energy to aged cells, increasing facial volume, adding fullness and definition, and literally plumping deep wrinkles for a full facial lift in two weeks.
  • Progeline™, a powerful wrinkle-fighting, age-defying tripeptide that increases epidermal thickness and reverses the look of thin, dull, aged skin.

Stages of Beauty is the first skin care brand to not only factor in the changes that occur as the skin ages, but address them head-on with distinct formulations backed by groundbreaking science. All of the Stages of Beauty products are derived from clinically studied natural ingredients.


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