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Editors' picks: Dog food

NFM editors pick 6 natural and organic dog foods that will please even the pickiest pooches, from grain sensitive and vegetarian diets to gourmet canned food and low fat/low calorie dry food.

Dogs’ palates can be just as particular as their owners’—that’s why so many pet foods on the market boast various flavor profiles and pet-approval ratings. But do your customers know that many pet products contain artificial and nutrient-void ingredients that don’t support good health? Here are a few options to consider for your store that are not only natural or organic, but will please even the most discerning four-legged eaters.

Addiction Foods Perfect Summer Brushtail

This raw, dehydrated dog food is specially formulated for pets sensitive to grain. Meat from omega 3–rich wild brushtail, a marsupial native to New Zealand, is combined with sunflower seeds, papaya, spinach and potatoes for a meal that is packed with vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. The formula also includes diatomaceous earth, a natural fossil-shell flour that fights parasites.

PetGuard Organic Vegetarian

Made with 95 percent organic ingredients, this vegetarian dog food combines barley, brown rice, quinoa, sunflower oil, oatmeal and kelp into a nutrient-rich meal that meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials dog food standards. The dry food is also free of corn, soy, wheat and yeast.


Castor & Pollux Pet Works Organix Puppy Formula

This U.S. Department of Agriculture certified-organic dry puppy food supplies an optimal balance of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals (including calcium) to support developing bones and teeth, the company says. Castor & Pollux also independently tests ingredients before production to safeguard against toxins and contaminants.


Wysong Gourmet Canned Food

Designed to closely match the archetypal diet of carnivorous pets, this wet food is available in seafood, chicken and liver flavors, and is formulated for both cats and dogs. Nutrient-dense ingredients, including wheat germ, flax, kelp and wheatgrass powder, make a 5.5 ounce single serving suitable as a stand-alone meal or on top of dry food, the company says.


The Honest Kitchen Thrive 

The Honest Kitchen pet foods are produced on the same equipment as human foods, which ensures high product-quality standards, according to the company. This gluten-free, low-carbohydrate, dehydrated food is made with free-range chicken, fair-trade organic quinoa and sweet potatoes for dogs in all stages of life.


Dogswell Shape Up

This dry food is low in fat and calories to help dogs maintain a healthy weight, and contains L-carnitine, an amino acid shown to help pets metabolize fat into energy. Cage-free chicken raised without hormones or steroids provides amino acids for muscle development, while blueberries offer fiber, potassium and antioxidants.

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