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Healthy convenience store opens in Oregon

Healthy convenience store opens in Oregon

A new model in healthy convenience launched this week with the opening of the Green Zebra Grocery in Oregon.

The first of three planned Green Zebra Grocery healthy convenience stores opened this week in Portland, Ore.

Founder Lisa Sedlar left her CEO position with New Seasons Market to pursue her 10-year vision. It has attracted not only the attention of the communities she serves but the investment community, including angel investors backing their first brick-and-mortar. Read more about the investment buzz in the story linked below.

Take a look at the new store in this coverage from Oregon media.

Green Zebra Grocery opens in Kenton 

Green Zebra Grocery opens in Kenton (video) October 10, 2013 · The Oregonian - · At 5,600 square feet, Green Zebra is roughly one-sixth the size of an average grocery store, but its shelves are lined densely together. You can find plenty of fixings to assemble a dinner -- there’s a meat counter and several aisles that look no different than other groceries -- but the store emphasizes convenience, too. You can grab a quick snack or meal faster than you could find parking nearby during the grand opening.
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Here's The Oregonian's video coverage of the opening:

The Oregonian also presented an in-depth preview of the store, the concept and its outlook in this article:

Green Zebra Grocery, founded by former New Seasons CEO, opens healthy convenience store

Green Zebra Grocery, founded by former New Seasons CEO, opens healthy convenience store October 10, 2013 · The Oregonian - · With 48 employees and $4 million in financing, Sedlar envisions a bright future: two Southeast Portland stores in 2014, then expansion in neighborhoods, college campuses and airports across Oregon and Washington.
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KATU TV previewed the opening with this report. See the complete TV segment with the story linked below:

Green Zebra: From food desert to grocery oasis

Green Zebra: From food desert to grocery oasis September 30, 2013 · · By Joe English KATU News and Staff Published: Oct 7, 2013 at 5:58 PM PDT » PORTLAND, Ore. - What do you get when you cross a 7-Eleven with a New Seasons Market? You get Green Zebra Grocery, a combination convenience store and natural food store. Instead of Big Gulps, for example, the Green Zebra has local brew on tap. Green Zebra Grocery is the brainchild of Lisa Sedlar, the former CEO of New Seasons Market....
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Learn about the new chain's funding in this piece:

Green Zebra emphatically closes funding round ... and then some

October 10, 2013 · · By Andy Giegerich Sustainable Business Oregon editor Enlarge Image Cathy Cheney Lisa Sedlar closed Green Zebra's $2 million funding round and picked up another $885,000, from the Oregon Angel Fund, to boot. Investors — including Oregon's preeminent angel funders — have put at least the first infusion of “green” into the convenience store Green Zebra's startup coffers. Green Zebra Grocery LLC completed the second part of a $2 million funding round that will help Lisa Sedlar’s enterprise open stores in...
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